Mission Statement

‘Inspire – Empower – Achieve’

Through unconditional positive regard, Sevenhills Academy re-engages students through creative personalised learning which enables them to gain the academic, social and emotional and independence skills to achieve in learning.


Provide a safe, happy and caring environment for all.

Promote high standards of learning, achievement and behaviour for all.

Establish a balanced and exciting curriculum that meets individual’s needs and supports the development of SMSC.

Enable all learners to develop knowledge, understanding and acquire a range of skills.

Celebrate the many different ways that children can learn and encourage them to achieve their full potential

Value diversity within our school, community and the wider world.

Respect the rights and views of others and acknowledge our own responsibilities as citizens.

Consider the effects of our actions on the environment and promote more environmentally friendly practices.

Support and prepare all our students for the next stages of their development.