Academy Values and Ethos

Mission Statement 

We aim to ‘Make a difference’ through unconditional positive regard, the personalisation of learning and authentic care that enables students to gain academic and social and emotional skills to be successful.


A core value is a central belief that is clearly understood and shared by every member of the Academy community. At Phoenix Park and Sevenhills Academy we have three core values respect, perseverance and responsibility.

By respect we mean:

  • We value ourselves
  • We show politeness 
  • We help others
  • We engage with our community
  • We show tolerance

By perseverance we mean:

  • We try our best
  • We set challenging targets 
  • We accept support and listen to feedback
  • We overcome barriers

By responsibility we mean:

  • We attend school
  • We make good choices
  • We try to self-regulate
  • We admit mistakes
  • We engage in restorative work


Wellspring Academy – Trust Aims

Our Trust aims for all its schools to become outstanding schools under the OFSTED definition.

Our Trust aims to improve outcomes and life chances for the young people in its schools.

Our Trust aims to impact positively upon the communities that are served by its schools.

Our Trust aims to increase its influence in Yorkshire and the Humber region.

Our Trust aims to contribute to system-wide improvement in education.

Wellspring Academy Trust – Our Vision 

Our vision is to provide a sustainable outstanding school experience for all.  Our schools inspire innovation, creativity and aspiration for life. Our schools share a climate of high expectation and high aspiration for each pupil.  High levels of support are matched with appropriate challenge to ensure that every pupil gets the maximum from school.  Our young people are confident individuals, responsible citizens and successful learners.

Our educational vision is one of inclusive, high achieving, community schools and a community of schools in which pupils thrive and which provide Value Added for the communities they serve.

‘Where learning matters for everyone.  Empowering Academies to Make A Difference’