Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Strategy

At the heart of our approach is raising attendance and high-quality teaching focused on areas where disadvantaged pupils require it most, targeted support based on robust diagnostic assessment of need, and helping students to engage and access their curriculum.

Although our strategy is focused on the needs of disadvantaged pupils, it will benefit all pupils in our school where funding is spent on whole-school approaches, such as high-quality teaching. Implicit in the intended outcomes detailed below, is the intention that outcomes for non-disadvantaged pupils will be improved alongside progress for their disadvantaged peers through I do we do you do approaches, explicit instruction and vocabulary teaching and retrieval practice.

We will also provide students with support to develop appropriate learning behaviours, SEMH support and effective careers information advice and guidance so they can successfully transition to onward destinations.

Our strategy is driven by the needs and strengths of each young person, based on formal and informal observations and assessments. This will help us to ensure that we offer them the relevant skills and experience they require to be prepared for their next steps.

Many students are transient and our pupil numbers do fluctuate so comparing data sets over time can be problematic. However, analysis of Pupil Premium performance is outlined below for the previous three academic years.

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2024

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2023

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement Sept 2022

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement Sept 2021

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement Sept 2020

Our Sport Premium impact statement is detailed below:

Sports Premium Impact Statement 2023

Sports Premium Impact Statement 2022

Sport Premium Impact Statement 2021

Sport Premium Impact Statement 2020