Sevenhills Academy seeks to ensure that all pupils receive a full-time education, which maximises opportunities in order for pupils to fulfil their true potential.

All staff are committed to working with the pupils and their families to ensure regular attendance and punctuality.

Sevenhills Academy treats all pupils as individuals and appreciate that some find attending school worrying and demanding. However, we are confident with the support of families we can successfully overcome such barriers and ensure pupils receive the most appropriate education package.

We expect the following from our pupils: 

  • That they attend the academy every day as required 
  • That they arrive on time
  • That they inform staff of any problem(s) that may prevent them from attending

We expect the following from parents/carers:

  • To ensure their child(ren) attend school. The law states that this is the parents/carers’ responsibility. 
  • To support their child(ren) in achieving maximum attendance. We request that a child is not allowed to remain at home for minor complaints or illnesses. If they are fit enough to be up and about, they are fit enough to be in school.
  • To ensure that they contact the school giving an explanation for absence on the first day by 9.30am and then on any subsequent days, if necessary. Medical evidence (Prescription/letter from practice Nurse/Medical or Doctors written evidence) will be required for students absent for 3 or more days.

What the young person and parent/carers can expect from the school

The Academy is responsible for ensuring pupils are provided with the most appropriate educational package, as well as working in collaboration with our families and following DfE guidance in order to encourage positive attendance. In situations where it is identified that the most appropriate education package is not a full time offer, we will continue to work with pupils and families to make positive steps towards a full time offer. 

Non-attendance procedure: 

If a young person is unable to attend the parent/carer must notify the school by 9.30am. If this has not happened, the we will attempt to make contact each and every day the child is absent. However, if a student’s absence goes beyond 3 days, further support/action will be triggered in order to try and address any barrier(s). 

As an academy we must ensure we are doing everything possible in encouraging pupils to attend their provision. We will always work with the pupil and their family in supporting their attendance. However, if this does not have the desired impact, we will challenge those pupils and their parents/carer(s) who give low priority to attendance and punctuality. The Academy will follow DfE guidance regarding non-attendance, which could result in legal action being taken. Each individual case will be assessed and further action will be taken based on the school attendance procedure and relevant collaboration with Home schools (Where students are dual registered). This procedure will incorporate letters home, meetings with pupils, meetings with parents/carers, home visits and/or ‘Safe and Well’ checks by the Pastoral Team. It is vital that we know your child is safe and well therefore we will involve other agencies if we are unable to make contact or see the child/young person.


The school day begins at 9.00am. We actively encourage punctuality by challenging pupils who are persistently late or arrive late without reasonable explanation.

Persistent Absence:

A pupil is classed as a persistent absentee if they have an attendance of 90% or less. This is whether or not absences have been authorised by the school.