About Us

“Inspire Empower Achieve”

Sevenhills Academy is part of Wellspring Academy Trust which provides alternative education for the communities of North East Lincolnshire and throughout Yorkshire.

Sevenhills Academy works in partnership with local Secondary Academies to provide alternative education pathways for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students.

The governors and leadership team of the Sevenhills Academy strive to provide outstanding learning opportunities for all students.

Based on an ethos of ‘unconditional positive regard’ staff provide authentic care and build relationships. Students are supported in their learning with a focus on personalised pathways, appropriate curriculum and deserved outcomes.

Sevenhills Academy

Sevenhills is a unique provision that welcomes students from all backgrounds and abilities. Our student population varies from pregnant teenage mothers, challenging behaviours to Social Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) vulnerabilities.

As our Aims set out, at Sevenhills Academy we work hard to provide a safe, happy and caring environment. By doing that we are then able to promote high standards of learning, achievement and behaviour for all our pupils.

Students are educated in modern facilities with access to fantastic learning resources and new technology.

Teachers and support staff at the academy deliver high quality programmes of study that not only lead to GCSE accreditation but also address social and emotional needs.

Students are ably supported in their learning with various interventions, vocational learning, family support, welfare support and personalised programmes.

For those pupils that stay with us in Key Stage 4 we offer a wide variety of GCSE courses, vocational and engagement activities and our results are amongst the very best in the country.