Recovery Curriculum

Given the unprecedented events of the last few months and the impact upon our learners and school staff, the Senior Leadership Team felt that it was appropriate to respond to this need in a trauma informed way.

The ‘Recovery Curriculum’ is an important component of our thinking and planning across key stages so that our individual settings can create and adapt curriculum materials to meet the needs of their students within their individual context. The basis of the model is to provide some reassurance to our children and young people with opportunities to listen, question and discuss their feelings and experiences over the last few months. It also aims to establish routines and structures to the school days to help them re-integrate to the learning environment and re-introduce them to learning.

This is not a ‘Catch Up’ curriculum to address deficits in learning or an ‘Instead Of’ curriculum where no learning takes place. This is a ‘Recovery Curriculum’ to re-engage learners and enable them to learn with us again. Each site and the students and staff within it have had many different experiences throughout the pandemic and lockdown and the thoughts/considerations/plans within this document are there to support them back into school and working life.

You can read our full Recovery Curriculum here.