Springwell Learning Community


Orienteering can be extremely disorientating when the first marker is cleverly concealed by conifers and most of the group believe that compasses are just for drawing circles. Going round in circles can however be fun. A group of intrepid key stage four students strolled through fields of ripening sugar beet, waded across swathes of glowing wheat and splashed in murky fords  before lumbering back after a four mile slog to enjoy the shade of the forest. Key stage three students seemed much more at home in the great outdoors. Levi was particularly impressive at spotting and naming wildlife. Harley completed both the key stage three and key stage four walks – a distance of over 10 miles in soaring heat. The pace of the walk even tempted some of the young ladies to take off their coats! A welcome picnic followed by ball games, hide and seek, tree climbing and rope swings helped ‘round’ off an enjoyable day without a compass in sight.