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Welcome to Sevenhills Academy.

Sevenhills is an Academy Alternative Provision Converter that welcomes students from all backgrounds and abilities. Our student population varies from pregnant teenage mothers, students with challenging behaviours and SEMH needs, to students with social and emotional vulnerabilities. At Sevenhills Academy we work hard to provide a safe, happy and caring learning environment. Students access high standards of teaching and learning, which supports them towards enhanced outcomes and teaches them strategies to improve their behaviour.

Students are educated in modern facilities with access to fantastic learning resources and new technology. Teachers and support staff deliver high quality programmes of study that not only lead to GCSE accreditation, but also a number of bespoke vocational qualifications and others address social and emotional needs.

Where are we?

Sevenhills Academy is based next to the Diana Princess of Wales Hospital, Grimsby.

Currently we cater for 60 students that are divided into Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. There are photos in our galleries of our facilities, so please take a moment to enjoy them. They are proof of our children’s endless capacity to improve and to overcome their problems, when given the right help.


We encourage all parents considering a placement for their child to visit us. It is important to see the quality of the facilities we offer, but also to meet the team and to understand the way that we work. To arrange a visit please contact the school office on the number below:

Sevenhills Academy: 01472 322079


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Students in Holm Hill had a little surprise this morning for their amazing work this week. #perseverance #respect #resilence #SEVvalues https://t.co/5e80i2rPK9
Notice for all students and parents check out the link below and register your interest today 😊 https://t.co/phmVIBFd46
Toote Hill facilitating a virtual presentation with a local Councillor around a project for the local community. #ThisIsAP #SEVValues #Community https://t.co/QwGKcCssUq
Great engagement from Pathway 1 students today! Completing English & Maths before positive participation in boxing this afternoon for P.E. 🥊 🥊 #ThisisAP #SEVvalues https://t.co/Nu58D0XZ2C
Pathway 1 engaging positively with the public! Demonstrating good sportsmanship in what turned into a very intense and competitive game of snakes and ladders pre beach race run!! https://t.co/UiF6LZzLK1
Awesome Science lesson. Alkanes and Alkenes! Don’t forget the double bond! https://t.co/xGAbs8IVp3
To celebrate Red Nose Day this year, all staff and students have written down their favourite joke. These are displayed on our front fence for the community to enjoy and spread some joy. Why don’t you pop down and have a look. #SevValues #respect #RedNoseDay https://t.co/JBudJqGpKU
We studied the respiratory system @Sevenhills___ today as part of #BritishScienceWeek2021 and took part in the peak flow test! Who is going to come out on 🔝 tomorrow across the sites 🤔 @Sevenhills___ @PhoenixHousePRU @PhoenixPark_ @ParksidePPA https://t.co/QrRmVdrN1X
It is science crazy this week @Sevenhills___ . Students in KS4 being creative making alkanes using a molymod kit #ScienceWeek2021 #ThisIsAP #WowWednesday https://t.co/jABUiGbbrh