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Forensic Science Day

Forensic Science Day 2017

Another murder at Sevenhills? The third murder in three years? Surely this shouldn’t be possible? It really must be a dodgy place to work !!!

On the morning of the 19th July a ‘dead’ body was discovered at Sevenhills. It belonged to Mr Heaven Sills, a local pest controller who had been helping treat the ant infestation. Suspects for murder were:


Our investigators, suitably attired, scoured the scene of crime looking for clues. Dusting and analysing of fingerprints, microscopic analysis of fibres and hair, blood group matching, flame testing of powders, chromatographic analysis of ink, DNA profiling and measuring maggots all helped determine the main suspect and the estimated time of death. Working in small teams our investigators analysed and masterfully presented their findings. All evidence pointed to Studious Shara being the guilty party.