Springwell Learning Community

Yorkshire Wildlife Park


It was an adventure from the off.  The year 10 students were chatty, socialising, buzzing and excited to see all the animals. On arrival there was a torrential down-pour: it could only be likened to a monsoon! All the pupils were coaxed out of the mini-bus with an offer of a cup of tea or hot chocolate. We couldn’t lock the mini-bus as Donna Hilton was uneducated about using an electronic key fob; this was resolved with a quick phone call to the hire company and the fun times began!

As the group trundled through the wooded areas they sought shelter close to the baboons which lifted their moods (especially when they saw the bright pink bottoms!). The group enjoyed learning about all the different types of animals, in particular the Polar Bears and asked the staff if Phil would let us have one back at school.

Throughout the day the students took charge of the iPad and continually took selfies with their favourite animals.  Both staff and students returned to Sevenhills in high spirits, covered in mud and all making a mental list of the animals they would like for pets.

Hubbards 1   Hubbards 2     Hubbards 4