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Rocket Challenge

There are many ways of attempting to try to escape from Sevenhills Academy and building a rocket is one of them. On the 2nd July Craig Sharpe, a local electronics engineer, businessman and a good friend of Sevenhills Academy volunteered to run the rocket challenge for us.  Craig is very much aware that part of the challenge is to allow the school science teacher to win the challenge.  As yet she has attempted the challenge about five times and has yet to launch anything that vaguely resembles a ‘winner’!  This year was no exception, and whilst the students used all their scientific knowledge to diligently design the most aerodynamic rocket the Science teacher ‘launched’ a dastardly plan to build a double length rocket weighted down by excessive amounts of blutac.

A prize was awarded for the rocket with the best design and Sophie fought off ‘supersonic’ competition to achieve the prime spot on the launch pad for this.

The most aerodynamic rockets – the ones that travelled the furthest – were those of Sophie, Stacey and Paige, with their rockets proving to be the most streamlined and aerodynamic at Sevenhills.

Alas the poor science teacher is still trying to work out why her rocket landed with hardly a flutter a few feet from take-off.  Even Craig and his twiddling of the pneumatics couldn’t help her in the ambition to win.

As you can guess Craig will be invited back (begged to return) for the rocket challenge next year, and nobody has yet managed to escape from Sevenhills!

Many thanks to Craig for making the event such a super activity.

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