Springwell Learning Community

Personalised Learning Group

PLGĀ Group Avon have enjoyed many trips and outings, taking pictures along the way.

Glamorous heights of Castle Howard

Come rain or shine, nothing stops us.

The history of hull – learning about the local cultures

Riding back in the 1930s

Looking out over the river Humber. Picture for the movies.


Fire tornado

The power of water

Never too old to play with sand.

Importance of learning how to cook

Importance of learning basic life skills


PLG Avon working together in preparation for spring.


Children for PLG Avon delivering lessons to staff and students at Sevenhills Academy.

Children from PLG Avon learning new strategies to become patient using sweets.



PLG Avon – Taking time out to eat lunch

Today, children from the PLG visited Honeysuckle Farm in Hornsea, East Yorkshire. Throughout the day they fed and petted each animal and demonstrated positive language skills throughout.

An amazing time

Can you find me?

PLG Coordinator John playing ‘hide and seek’ from the group. Can they find him?

Flying the flag for England – ready for the World Cup.